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Asia'H Epperson Season Recap

Asia'h Epperson was a Top 24 finalist on American Idol Season 7. She was eliminated from the show on March 6, 2008, after making it to the Top 16. Her father was killed in a car accident two days before her first audition in Atlanta.

This young lady has amazing talent and deserves a second chance to tour with the top 10 finalists. Hopefully this time enough people will decide to vote for her and send her all the way to the top American Idol. With so many fan clubs around and Idol fans this really should not be that difficult.

Over the course of next few weeks Asia'h Epperson would go on to add to her fan list as she breezed her way into the top 12 women at the American Idol. Sadly Asia'h could not keep up her momentum and was eliminated just when she was beginning to become the odds on favorite to win the Season 7 American Idol crown.

American Idol left millions of viewers disappointed when Asia'h Epperson was voted off the show prematurely. Often on American Idol true talents (remember Paris Bennett) are voted off in a popularity contest before they are able to shine at their most brilliant.

Kellie has come a long way since her debut on season 5 of American Idol. The cute, country singer has a record deal with 19 Recordings/BNA Records, in which she released her first album ?Small Town Girl.? The album was the best-selling debut by a solo country artist in the year it was released and went gold on January 2007.

Asia'h Epperson is a very attractive girl. She has a lot of talent and is surely going to find a career in performing, whether that is through her music or in front of the camera. She has a great personality so if she can find a way to convince a producer to give her a chance at acting, she might find herself on TV.

It seems that the judges were surprised when Asia'h Epperson was voted off. Their critique of her last performance was very good. Randy said "that was hot!”. Paula said that Asia'h "nailed it”. Even Simon suggested that she was at least "good enough for the top 12″. Unfortunately it was not to be. Asia'h said she feared one of the contributing factors of her getting voted off was having to go first in the show. Perhaps that was true as the early performances can sometimes be forgotten by the time the last few performers sing.

Before he starts revealing the Top 12, Ryan says more than 36 million votes were cast on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Ryan also congratulates Paula Abdul for having the No. downloaded video on iTunes. Let's get to the results.

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There is no other explanation for why Joanne sounds like whiny little Philipino girl and Ramielle sounds like a big black lady. Her necklace is the secret to her power! She must be stopped!

Maybe people vote for genres. Kristy is the only country contestant left. She gets the country vote. Amanda gets the rock vote, though that might be over now that you vote for the guys and the girls on the same night.

Asia'h Epperson is up first. Lavender high-waisted stretchy pants are not a good omen. Epperson says her most embarrassing moment was being an extra on a movie about roller skating and falling in front of everyone. This girl needs a gig on America's Next Top Model, have her people call Tyra Banks and get this girls some help!

The show has made a few changes this year, including allowing contestants to use musical instruments, an element that originated on Australian Idol and can also be seen on Norwegian Idol and Canadian Idol, building a brand new set, and creating a new introduction credit sequence. This year's season finale will be moved from the Kodak Theatre to the larger Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

David has experience singing. In 2003, when he was 12, he won the Junior Singer category of Star Search. Now that he is grown up, he is winning over America again– this time on the biggest reality show on television. The harshest critic of them all backs Archuleta up.

David Hernandez does not have a unanimous decision, and after he makes it, Simon tells him he was the hold out that didn't want him there. He'll have to work very hard to stay in there. There will be some tense moments, then, between Simon and David during the show when he doesn't do well. He, too, breaks down in the elevator.

Paula told her she was pretty which means she hated the singing but was too much of a drugged-up pussy to say so. Simon, on the other hand, had no qualms about telling her he was bored to tears.

David Hernandez took that up and he was great. Nice smooth voice and showed more of what he could do vocally compared to his San Diego auditions. It sounded effortless as well with his little vocal gymnastics. Definitely one to look out for in the finals David Hernandez. The only thing that might stop him are his nerves. Sure did not look confident before and even after.

Coat of many colors. Kristy singing an actual country song, and nothing about it worked at all. She didn?t have to hillbilly-up this song at all: it came that way, all tied up pretty with a big ol' country bow, just waiting for her to hammer it home and she didn?t. It was the weakest performance of the evening from the one person that this genre suits the best. Paula thought it was her best performance, Simon thought it was pleasant but forgettable. Ryan Seacrest loved the French pedicure, which should answer a lot of questions for anyone who still has any questions about Ryan Seacrest and whether or not Kristy is nail biting back stage. Verdict: Bottom three, possibly going home.

Before Seacrest signs off, Simon declares Amanda the best performance of the night, and the other two nod furiously in agreement. Ok, what is going on? Is Amanda blackmailing all of the judges?? Why the big push for her tonight?

David Cook might give Asia'H a run for her money but arrogance won't bring you that far unless you had something original. He finally tried to do something like that this week and gave some credit to bands and artistes whom he borrowed the arrangements of songs he sung in previous weeks, after being called out. Asia'H Epperson usually stuck to the originals and sang her heart out, but that might have been her mistake in doing so as she was often compared to the original singers, if a little bit unfairly.

Kristy Lee Cook (Horse-loving blonde). Last week's power ranking: 10[.] Kristy Lee is a tomboy and of course, she loves her some horses. Kristy Lee looks hot tonight in her silver top and black jeans. After watching her, there are a lot of Ladies who will need relationship advice for women if their Husbands or Boyfriends get a glimpse of Kristy!

Each eliminated contestant gets their own song. Asia'h's is "Hollywood is Not America” by Ferras. Paula says, "This is one beautiful, talented, brave star…there's nothing, nothing that's going to stop you.” Paula's optimism is kind of charming in the face of her complete denial. The truth is, most of these kids who don't make the Top 12 will fade into obscurity within a few weeks. After her video rolls, Ryan asks Asia'h if she wants to sing out. She bucks up and says yes. She performs–significantly less peppy than the night before. She looks so disappointed.

Kyle Ensley is incomprehensibly still around. He's singing that stupid Josh Groban song that everyone's aunt loves. He actually makes it to the top 50. What the hell is going on? Joey Catalano is cut. Syesha Mercado's voice is getting worn down, but she pushes through it and gets put through to the top 50.

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