Friday, February 15, 2008

Asia'h Epperson

Asia'h Epperson

Asia'h Epperson is one of the sob stories this year on season 7 american idol. Asia'h Epperson's father died in a car wreck just two days before her audition. She could have went back home, but she stuck it out and belted out a tear jerking tune for the American idol judges by LeAnn Rhimes. I think even Randy and Simon had tears in their eyes.

There was no way Asia'h Epperson was going home empty handed after that performance. Asia'h Epperson just happens to be a sweetheart about the whole thing also. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she can sing also!

You'll see more of Asia Epperson in the upcoming weeks on american idol. What's funny is that many people are having a hard time pronouncing and spelling her first name. Some say it's Asia Epperson, some say it's Asiah Epperson while others get it right and spell it Asia'h Epperson.

I'm sure just as long as you vote for her, Asia'h Epperson will not care how you spell or pronounce her first name!

Asia'h Epperson comes from Joplin Mo. and auditioned in Atlanta Georgia. Her favorite performers are Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton.

Some of her favorite pastimes include Dancing, sports, fashion, make-up, acting. Seems that Asia'h Epperson is very well rounded in her likes. You can catch Asia'h Epperson each week on american idol.

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